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Mosquito Slayer

Mosquito slayer proved superior when field tested
against the mosquito magnet pro


Flying Machine

Mosquito Slayer
Wheat Stripper at work in ealry Australia
The master unit it can use 10 different attractants including carbon dioxide.

More Details - How each of the Ten Scientifically Proven Attractants work

  1. Carbon dioxide – (CO2)– Female mosquitoes host-seek using the carbon dioxide we breathe out.
  2. Lactic acid – Produced as a result of vertebrate muscle metabolism in humans and animals and emitted through the skin.
  3. Heat- Mosquitoes are drawn to our body heat.
  4. Octenol – Produced naturally in human perspiration.
  5. Moisture – Mosquitoes look for moisture in our perspiration.
  6. Spectrum light – Different species of mosquitoes are drawn to different wavelengths of light
  7. Ultraviolet light (UV) – A certain wavelength of UV attracts some species.
  8. Sound – High frequency ‘feeding frenzy’ sound attracts female mosquitoes. Male mosquitos - now known to be able to carry infections and pass them on in the mating process to female mosquitos - are drawn by the "Wing Beating" sounds of the female mosquitos
  9. Movement – Mosquitoes are attracted to movement
  10. Colour – Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours.

Bantix world wide an Australian company in Queensland invented a super mosquito killer it is made to mimic humans heat and octenal that’s is produced naturally in human perspiration to attract mosquitos and trap them.

The system connects to normal mains power through a 12-volt transformer (included free). A CO2 cylinder, (supplied separately) links to the trap via a 5-metre (16'), industrial-strength, low-pressure gas line. The Australian designed trap reduces mosquitoes and midges/sand flies breeding around your home, workplace or where animals are kept, by breaking the breeding cycle before the adult females lay their eggs.

While some other insect trapping devices have only one or two methods of attracting insects, the Bantix Mosquito Trap uses Ten scientifically proven attractants for mosquitoes and midges/sand flies.

TEN scientifically proven attractants
The Bantix Worldwide Mosquito Traps use the very same elements that attract mosquitoes and midges/sand flies to humans by luring them into its trap. Carbon dioxide gas is released over a special formulation of attractant solution. A small electric fan sends the aroma wafting through the air. The scent draws the insects towards the trap. As the insects get closer, they are attracted by spectrum and ultraviolet lights that draw them in toward the opening. When they enter, the fan blows them down into the tray of attractant solution where they drown. It's the combination and quantity of each of the attractants that make the Bantix Mosquito Trap an effective device in the control of adult female mosquitoes, midges and sand flies.

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