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Using NLP to achieve excellence

NLP is not an Australian Invention.  It was actually created by two
Americans in the early seventies who were studying the methods
used by three top therapists who consistently achieved
much greater results than their colleagues.



What is NLP

Livingchange NLP Melbourne
Livingchange NLP

Want to learn more about NLP?.
We recommend you visit Livingchange. They are
an Australian communications training company
based in Melbourne that specialize in NLP to
provide valuable knowledge to their clients to
enhance personal and professional development.

They have an excellent website with lots of
interesting information including monthly topics,
Articles, Book reviews, Forums and Interviews
with high achievers and much more.

Visit Livingchange NLP

Here are some of the things you will find:

NLP Training Schedule for Australia

Free NLP Newsletter

Corporate NLP Programs - Use NLP to help your business achieve outstanding results

Personal NLP Coaching - Personal Coaching programs using NLP to help you achieve success

NLP Certified Training - We provide full Practitioner and Master Training in NLP

Health & Safety - We can design a custom program that will make Health & Safety awareness an integrated part of your companies work practices

Online NLP Forums - Open forums for discussion on all aspects of NLP both theoretical and practical


NLP stand for Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro - refers to our neurology because all of our experience, conscious and unconscious is derived from our senses. (how we see, hear, feel, taste and smell) and our central nervous system.

Linguistics - Our language reflects our perception and mirrors our inner worlds.

Programming -Very apt in this computer age because people interact as a system in which experience and communication is composed of sequences of patterns and programs that can be changed by upgrading the mental software.

Confused ? Don’t worry about the definition above which will make sense later.

NLP is really…

  • The study of human excellence and experience.
  • About how the human brain works
  • How people think, learn, motivate themselves & change.
  • A model of competent, charismatic communication.
  • The tools for how to create personal change.

NLP is a model of “what works” in people.  How we do what we do well? How can you “model” excellence in others and make these learning’s available to anyone else?

NLP is one of the most advanced models of communication ever developed. It is the foundation of understanding how to persuade and influence others with integrity. It recognizes that in order to influence others without manipulation we must appreciate and respect their model of the world. It is possible to build and maintain rapport with anyone utilising this model without compromising your values.

NLP is a model of patterns of excellence and can be translated to practical applications in endless amounts of situations. Whether you are seeking to enhance and/or change your personal or professional circumstances, NLP can give you the tools of HOW.


What are the benefits of NLP?

•Fast and effective change
•Tapping into your true potential
•Understanding yourself and others
•Using the right language to achieve what you want
•Learning how to create exactly what you want

Who does NLP?

Trainers and educators will do NLP for the following:

•Knowing how to present information in the most powerful way
•Creating presentations that have impact and enroll the audience totally
•Greater understanding of how they and others process information

Individuals for personal development will do NLP for the following:

•Assisting them through times of change and challenge eg; career transition or relationship breakdowns
•Motivating them to understand how to change limiting behaviours eg; addictions, phobias and fears
•Understanding how to beat depression and maintain a positive mindset
•Enhanced self esteem and overcoming abuse of the past

Professionals will do NLP for the following:

•Powerfully enhanced communication skills
•Enhanced sales ability
•Advanced language skills for negotiations and rapport building
•Increased self confidence and self esteem
•Managing and dealing with conflict more effectively

NLP Australia

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